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Computer and science labs

​Technology Centre

Our Technology Centre is fully air conditioned.

When a class visits the Technology Centre, there are two fully fitted out computer labs with enough computers for all students. All classes are rostered to visit the Technology Centre each week to undertake a variety of Digital Technology tasks such as coding, research, animation and assessment completion. The teacher also has an Interactive White Board to demonstrate tasks for the class.

There is also a small courtyard attached to the technology centre that was recently upgraded and developed by our supportive P&C. Small groups of students are often found in here at lunch times working on small projects or participating in one of our many lunchtime clubs.

During the play break, students can visit the Technology Centre to play on the computers, or work on their projects or homework. The school has a list of suitable websites for students to play on, as well as a large number of networked games and activities. 

Science Centre

The Science Centre is located at the rear of the hall. 

Our science centre is furnished with desks and stools suitable for students to work scientifically at. There is access to a sink, fridge and stove/oven for experiments that involve mixing, heating and cooling. A locked store room,  is stocked with equipment for teachers to use for their Science lessons. There is also a display area at the rear of the room, for classes to set up experiments.

Some fun activities that our classes have been involved in, include growing crystals, kitchen chemistry, electricity, magnets, simple machines and experiments with light and sound.