Enrolling at our school


​When enrolling during the year, you will be asked to set aside approximately 1 hour to meet with the Principal or Deputy Principal. This meeting represents the first and most significant phase of the induction process for members new to our school.

In the induction meeting the Principal or Deputy Principal will outline some key aspects of the school, seek your commitment to support the school’s initiatives and share in the vision and ownership of the school. 

Enrolling families will be taken on a tour of the school to view our wonderful facilities and to meet the appropriate teachers. ​Following this initial induction meeting, student resource scheme and uniform requirements are organised. Most commonly, students are not placed into class the same day the enrolment process has occurred, rather they return the following day fully organised, dressed in their uniform, and mentally prepared for the day. A desk and chair will be organised and an induction buddy will be arranged by the class teacher.​​

Request an enrolment application.

Beginning the school year

The first day of school is always a very special day in a child’s life and is full of surprise, wonder, bewilderment and anxiety. For this reason we plan for the day to run as smoothly as possible. You can assist this process by ensuring your child has been enrolled prior to the first day of school. This will ensure a class and teacher has been allocated and that their desk will be waiting for them.

If enrolment forms have already been completed, there is no necessity for parents and students to report to the office. If students have not enrolled prior to Day One, parents/carers and students are asked to report to the office.

Class lists will be displayed near the administration building in the week preceding the start of the school year and on Day One. Teachers will be in attendance during an open afternoon during the week prior to school starting. They will be in the room to receive and welcome your child and help set up his/her desk for the start of school. We find this process allows for students and parents to meet their teacher for the year and offload the books so they are not weighed down on the first day of school. This also enables a smoother transition to the school year.

If you are a parent of a younger child and he/she is upset by this momentous occasion, it is best that you say goodbye to your child, then leave swiftly. This helps your child understand you are confident that he/she is in a safe place. Unduly delays to your departure can cause more upset for your child.

Student dress code

Strathpine State School has a strict school ​uniform ​​dress code (PDF, 82KB)​​. ​We have the support of our Parent’ and Citizens’ Association and the school’s Uniform Committee to promote 100% adherence to the uniform. Our dress standards for our students reflect out community standards. They provide a ready identification of students and non-students at school, they foster a sense of belonging and help develop mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.​

Further information regarding our uniform shop and uniform pricelists can be found by viewing the uniform shop​ page on this site.

Last reviewed 23 June 2023
Last updated 23 June 2023