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Behaviour management

Responsible Behaviour Plan

The Strathpine State School Community is committed to providing an environment in which students take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning. Our Responsible Behaviour Plan outlines the expected behaviours of students whilst they attend our school. More details about our Responsible Behaviour Plan can be found in the Appendices. Our school wide behaviour expectations explain the types of behaviour we expect to see being displayed around the school.

Superstar program

Our Superstar program is unique to Strathpine State School and has been specially designed by our teachers for the Strathpine State School context. Proficiency in social skills and positive behaviours influences the choices we make in life – the selection of a positive peer group, how co-operatively we work with others, our self-esteem and the potential to achieve the best we can.

To that end, the Strathpine State School Superstars Program has been devised to address these skills by recognition and application of the 5Cs: Care, Compassion, Co-operation, Courtesy and Common sense.

These five simple words can be applied to any positive social interaction and are used in the teaching of social skills as an ongoing, evolving practice in our school throughout the year. As an all-encompassing concept, we have also included COURAGE with the understanding that each one of us, young and old, needs to pack our courage every day. 

To stress this and demonstrate its application, we created our very own school mascot, Captain Courage. Our students know that Captain Courage can be a boy or girl, tall or short…in fact, there’s a little of Captain Courage in all of us. Captain Courage is a popular visitor to our classrooms, weekly assemblies and special events where he promotes positive behaviours and interacts with our students. We encourage our parents to also use these C words in general conversations at home.

To enhance and support the Superstars program, worthy recipients are rewarded weekly during our school assemblies. This year our Superstars receive a Strathpine State School Superstar waterbottle that will be theirs to keep.

Our Superstars of the Week are prestigious awards and the selection process is taken very seriously by our staff and students.

Much importance is placed on positive reinforcement, and as a result, those students demonstrating the 5Cs in the playground and in the classroom can be randomly acknowledged by staff. These children will be awarded a coloured star and their names will go in our weekly Star draw to publicly acknowledge their achievements.

We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the P&C for their support of this project once again.