The Queensland Government has introduced a Prep Year of full-time schooling for children who turn five on or before 30th June of the year they enrol in Prep. At Strathpine State School Prep endeavours to build upon your child's learning at home and in other places like kindergarten and child care. 

The Prep Program at Strathpine State School is a full time program.  Children attend from Monday - Friday during normal school hours.  The Prep Year is the important first year of schooling.  Children must turn five by the 30th June in the year they commence Prep.
​Eligible for Prep in:
​Eligible for Year 1 in:
Child born 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018
Child born 1 July 2018 - 30 June  2019



​Prep at Strathpine State School is an extremely exciting year that promotes a genuine love of learning. Our Prep classrooms are noted for their child focused programs and our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. We pride ourselves on the close relationship we have with parents and the wider community and we foster a genuine desire to learn through an innovative curriculum that has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. 

Our staff are energetic, enthusiastic and caring. Our facilities include well-designed Prep classrooms with natural light and ventilation. interactive boards and iPads are available in each Prep classroom and we offer two computer labs, and resource centre. Our school hall features technology in sound and lighting and hosts our school assemblies, special events and performances as well as our wonderful school musicals.

Strathpine State School facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century. Our learning environments are engaging and interactive and they support creative thinking skills, effective communication and confidence in digital technology.




Come and join one of our staff on a guided tour of our school, giving your child a look at the Prep to Year 6 Classrooms, Prep Playground, Resource Centre, Tuckshop and the School Hall. 
Parents can participate in a variety of Parent Sessions which will not only show you how learning will be occurring in your child’s classroom, but also how you, as a parent, can support your child and help them succeed to their full potential. The information session for parents are to provide information about school, dates for uniforms, booklists etc. 


Future Prep students will be involved in a morning of learning in preparation for their educational start at our school.  They get to meet the prep teachers, be a part of a real classroom experience, and start to meet other future friends. The Ready, Set, Prep sessions are for the children to come and spend some time in classrooms so that they can familiarise themselves with the school setting. It is important that all children attend all three sessions.​



What will your child learn in the Prep Year at Strathpine State School?

A specific Prep curriculum is implemented at Strathpine State School and the learning experiences in the Prep Year will nurture and help your child to:
  • take on responsibilities
  • become more independent
  • respect other people
  • cooperate with others
  • make sensible choices about their health and safety
  • develop their physical skills
  • develop their oral language
  • develop their understanding of literacy and numeracy
  • learn how to be thinkers and problem solvers
  • use their imagination and creativity
  • learn about their environment.


What will you see your child doing?

You will see your child in a caring, supportive environment where the following activities and more, will be experienced:
  • investigating interests
  • making choices
  • talking with teachers and other children
  • planning with their teacher about the things they might do, and carrying out their plans
  • designing and making things
  • singing, dancing and painting
  • listening to stories
  • playing games indoors and outdoors
  • climbing, balancing, jumping
  • planning and sharing in make-believe play
  • using computers to draw pictures, make signs, play games and find out about the world
  • taking part in everyday experiences like gardening, cooking and tidying up
  • writing and copying signs during their play
  • learning about size, shape, weight and measurement as they construct things indoors and outdoors. 

How does Prep help your child be ready for Year 1?

The Year 1 curriculum builds on the curriculum in the Prep year and the curriculum is designed to provide the foundation that children need for success in later schooling.
International research has identified several factors that influence success at school. 
These are:
  •  independence
  • social learning
  • health and physical development
  • language development
  • early understanding of literacy and numeracy
  • ability to think and solve problems
  • imagination and creativity
  • a positive approach to learning
​Prep will encourage these to develop in your child.

Strathpine State School has an exciting Prep program which encourages the growth of all children both socially and academically. Please contact us if you wish to receive more information.   

Last reviewed 09 June 2023
Last updated 15 February 2022