​​Before School Reading Program

At Strathpine State School we have a strong focus on meeting the developmental needs of our students in both the early years and the middle years. One of our Core Priorities  is developing and improving all students’ reading abilities through the delivery of relevant programs. One such program is our Reading Program before school. Each term the program focuses on students in a particular year level. The classroom teachers along with the Student Support Teachers nominate students to participate in the program and an invitation for students to attend is sent home to parents. Teacher Aides Mrs Gronfors and Mrs McCall read with the students before school in the Library to help boost their reading skills and to help promote their love of reading. The program runs for 7 weeks each term with students reading from 8:30am – 8:50am on either Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday. Evidence suggests that the more reading students do, the better readers they become, so it is hoped that our children benefit from this program.

Art & Craft Club                                    
 Art/Craft Club is a lunch time activity held on Wednesday (Preps – Years 3) and Thursday (Year 4- 6) in the courtyard area outside the Technology Centre with Mrs McCall.  All students are welcome to attend. Art and Craft activities provide a fun and interactive way for students to naturally learn about colour, textures, shapes, etc. The students have an opportunity and a freedom to express their ideas in a supportive and co-operative environment.  The students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of design resources and materials to create pieces of artwork which is often displayed in the School’s Library.
ART and CRAFT offers opportunities for students to develop communication.
ART and CRAFT stimulates the student’s creativity and imagination.
ART and CRAFT improves hand eye co-ordination.
ART and CRAFT improves fine motor skills.
ART and CRAFT encourages teamwork.
ART and CRAFT improves self-esteem.


Lego Club                                                   
 Lego Club is a lunch time activity held on a Monday with Mrs McCall and Tuesday with Mrs Princz in the School’s Library.  All students are welcome to attend. The purpose of Lego Club is to provide a fun and free activity where students can enjoy the freedom of building and creating whatever they want. The students can work on their own, in pairs or in groups.  They can even participate in weekly challenges chosen from our collection of Lego Challenge Cards.
LEGO promotes fine motor skills.  Students practice dexterity as they connect lego pieces of different sizes and shapes.
LEGO encourages teamwork. Through playing with Lego students learn how to share and take turns.
LEGO improves creativity. Creativity and imagination is fostered when students have no limitations to what they can make.
LEGO improves communication skills. Lego is a great way for students to engage in meaningful and joyful conversations.
LEGO develops persistence. Using lego encourages students to have a go, take their time and persist.
LEGO improves self-esteem. Connecting the lego to create something that follows a student’s vision can be challenging.  Achieving this task gives the student a great sense of satisfaction.
LEGO offers the aspects of a STEM program. By providing students with the tools (lego) to create something but in a building block, engineering manner develops lateral thinking and planning skills.

Dungeons and Dragons Club                                                   
During break times throughout the week, Mr Owen runs a Dungeons and Dragons club. D&D is a tabletop role-playing game where the players have characters such as fighters and wizards who explore dungeons and vanquish evil monsters by means of rolling dice.
D&D is a great game that promotes imagination, teamwork, problem solving, mathematics and helps socially.  This club is so popular that we even have staff joining in.

Puzzle Club                                                 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to solve a Rubix Cube Puzzle?  Then Puzzle Club is for you.  Puzzle Club is a place to come to chill out. We have jigsaw puzzles, card games, board games and problem solving activities to try. It’s a place where you can find a quiet activity to work on your own or play games with your friends. Puzzle Club is so much fun and helps us work on our problem solving skills and getting along with others. 

Robotics Club                                                                    
​2019 will see the introduction of a new Robotics Club at Strathpine State School which will allo​w student to experiment and explore with a variety of robotics including Leg​o WeDo, Sphero, Dot & Dash, and BeeBots.  This club is being planned to continue to expand over the next few years and will hopefully include a Lego Mindstorm Club to compete at Lego Competitions as a school.


Last reviewed 19 August 2021
Last updated 19 August 2021