Parent teacher communication


Parent and Community Engagement Framework

Transition to School

Orientation - helping children and parents become familiar with the school setting and administrative matters such as how to enrol, uniforms and stationery requirements.

Transition - meet the individual needs of children and families, tending to be longer term depending on the child or parent's needs and include mutual information sharing between children, parents, Early Childhood Education Centre educators and teachers.

School readiness and capacity building - build the skills and abilities required by children, the capacity of parents and teachers to support the transition process and the readiness of the school to receive children of various ability levels.

Parental engagement - promote parents' engagement and commitment to their child's learning such as reading to children and connecting with their child's teachers, as well as parental participation in school life such as attending parent evenings and events.

Partnerships and relationships - designed to promote and facilitate networks and collaborations between stakeholders which service to influence and support positive transition to school experiences.

Community Events

Mothers' Day (Term 2) Fathers' Day (Term 3) celebration - Held each year, in conjunction with our wonderful P&C and their various activities.

U8's Day - Celebrated each year during Semester 1, this Prep to Year 2 event affords students an opportunity to celebrate by engaging in fun activities.

Grandparent's Day - Each year Grandparents of students in Prep to year 2 are invited to come to school for the day.

Other Events - We will celebrate other important events throughout the year including those supporting the fundraising efforts or our P&C, Student Council and Chaplaincy.

Digitally Connected

Digital communication with parents and caregivers at Strathpine State School supports a productive partnership, between home and school, to support students' social, emotional and academic development.

Facebook - Everyone is welcome to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and information.

Email - Parents and caregivers are welcome to communicate with teachers and admin staff at Strathpine via email. This mode of communication often enables greater immediacy with messages and information.

QParents App - Allows parents and caregivers access to their child's student information online. You can access report cards, advise student attendance or pay invoices - anytime on your phone or tablet.

Text Messages - In urgent situations, the school uses this mode of communication.

School Website –

The hub for general information about our school.

Qschools App - Connecting with Strathpine State School in the QSchools app feeds events, news stories and more from our school website straight to the app on your mobile device.

School Newsletter - The school newsletter is sent electronically to parents via email every fortnight on a Wednesday. It is also available on our school website.

Parent-Teacher Interviews - This whole school event occurs twice yearly, typically at the end of Term 1 and again at the end of Term 3. Teachers schedule a time or times in the week to meet with parents of students in their class to discuss their learning progress.

Parent-Teacher Information Sessions - This whole school event occurs at the beginning of each year, typically in the pupil free days. Teachers schedule an afternoon/evening and host an information session for parents of students in their class. They discuss topics such as behaviour management, teaching and learning, homework and how they support the learning needs of all students.

Class Management Plan - Each teacher completes a management plan for their class and shares it with parents. It links to the school's responsible behaviour plan for students, defines behaviours and consequences, and identifies planned times when teachers will contact parents to discuss behaviours. It also includes a positive reward system.

Parent Tips and Resources - Practical tips and resources to support learning are periodically sent home. These resources are designed to support student learning.

Information and Training - To help parents develop the knowledge and skills they need to support their child/ren's learning, information and training is provided through parent sessions including sessions focused on literacy and numeracy.

Open Door Classrooms - Parents are invited to visit their child's classroom, throughout the year, to view the work that they have been doing. If parents wish to meet with the class teacher, an appointment may be required.​

Last reviewed 10 March 2020
Last updated 10 March 2020