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Student services and support programs

Guidance Officer


Should a parent wish to make the services of the Guidance Officer a meeting needs to take place with the Principal or Deputy Principal. The Guidance Officer works at our school 2 days a fortnight and provides the following services:

  • educational assessments to diagnose learning disabilities
  • counselling for students
  • assistance for teachers who have students with disabilities.


My name is Sharon Hocking and I am your School Chaplain.                     

As a School Chaplain I assist with the social, emotional and spiritual welfare of the student, staff and caregivers within our School community. At present this means:

Social – Supporting children and their families with programs such as Friends for Life, Fun Friends, My Life Rulz, Play is the Way or the Seasons Grief and Loss Program. I can assist in learning new emotional resilience skills, coping techniques, the development of self-awareness and friendship skills. These programs are often run within class time with the support of the classroom teacher as part of the School’s Social Skilling Program

Emotional – I can provide a friendly listening ear to children and their families when they are going through trying times.  I will also run programs to develop emotional resilience within class time with the support of the classroom teacher as part of the School’s Social Skilling Program.

Spiritual – Sometimes we can all feel a bit lost and as our children grow up they can sometimes have questions about where they belong in the world.  I can provide a safe listening ear when these questions start to come up.  While this may include religion, it is not restricted to it.

Our chaplaincy program is endorsed by the school’s Parents and Citizens’ Association and my assistance is available on a voluntary basis to all students. Should a one-on-one meeting be necessary, permission will always be sought from the child’s parent or guardian before starting.

If you have any queries or concerns with your child’s assimilation into our school community, or are concerned with any area of their social, emotional, or spiritual welfare, I would love to chat with you and provide assistance where needed.  You can support me by being involved in our Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC) which meets once a term.  If you would like any further information the best way to contact me is via our helpful Reception staff on 3482 9222.​